Durafield® SLF 41

Product Highlights

  • Non-Toxic and Lead Free
  • Pet Safe
  • Bug Resistant (No Fleas, Ticks, Chinch Bugs or Other Pests)
  • LEED Certified Product
Fiber Type: 100% PE Slit Film
Fiber Mass: 8400 Denier
Pile Height: 2″
Colors: Field Green
Turfing Gauge: 1/2″
Stitch Rate: as needed
Primary Backing: Stabilized Dual Layered woven
Secondary Backing: 20 oz/yd-Polyurethane
Face Weight: 41 oz/yd.
Total Weight: 66 oz/yd.
Permeability: 88″ per/hour
Turf Bind: 10 lb-f
Grab Tear MD: 200 lb-f
Grab Tear CMB: 200 lb-f
Product Name: Durafield® 40 / SLF 40
Roll Width: 15 ft.
Roll Length: 100 ft.
Area Per Roll: 1500 sq ft.
Total Roll Weight: 865 lbs.

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