How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Good with Synthetic Grass

How to keep your lawn looking as good as synthetic grass.

Have you ever noticed how perfect golf course grass is? It’s a truly wonderful thing. We can’t all get our lawns looking as amazing as a golf course however there are a few good tips that will help us achieve a really great looking lawn.
“Coarse stones and sand is then added before the mineral rich soil is added to the top.
Each green is planned as not to create any pools after watering or rains come. Plus the sophisticated ground below the soil ensures perfect drainage.
On top of the elaborate drainage setup fertiliser and pesticides are sprayed regularly to stop any weeds from developing in the grass and to keep the grass nice and healthy.”

Some tips you can use.

Tips to keep your grass looking as great as possible include; Use a push reel mower. Reel Mowers slice each blade of grass with precision much like cutting the grass with a pair of scissors. Not like traditional mowers that simply spin big heavy and rarely sharp blades at high speed.

Don’t cut the grass too short.

Short grass is prone to disease, environmental stress and insect infestations. The ideal cutting depth is always approximately 1/3 of the size of the blade of grass. This means that if you’ve left your grass for a month or two and it has become quite high it’s a good idea to just trim one third off the top and come back to it a week later and cut another third off.

Don’t over water!

For grass it’s actually better to give it lots of light watering rather than soaking or drowning the soil in water. Additionally it’s a good idea to choose the right strain of grass. Some grasses require more watering than others.

Reel mower alternatives.

Not many people have reel mowers these days, in fact it’s pretty hard to find them in the shops as well. While reel mowers are preferable that’s not to say you can’t use mechanical lawn mowers or ride on mowers.
Have you noticed how some lawns have a line pattern around the same width of the mower cut into them? This is not caused by different cutting depths (which is bad for your lawn) but by the sun reflecting on the blades of grass. When grass is bent in a certain direction it gives off different shades of green, generally the underside of the grass is a lighter green than the top.
To achieve this effect you need a mower attachment that drags behind the mower, also known as a guard. Some mowers come with these attachments however if your mower doesn’t or you have a grass catcher attached to the back of your mower there are some tricks you can do to mimic the attachment.
Able Mowing Brisbane Northside explains how golf courses get the immaculate manicured look we all desire in our lawns. “Golf greens have a plastic sheeting 30 to 40 cm (12-inch to 16-inch) below the surface. This sheeting completely covers the bottom and acts as the base of what is a pretty complicated drainage system.”
Using some plastic shade cloth or sheeting tape around a 40cm by 30cm piece to the back of your mower or grass catcher. Then roll (once) a cut piece of wooden dowel or broom handle to the end of the sheeting using staples to secure it. So long as this piece of dowel is dragging behind you can achieve the same look.

In Conclusion

Keeping all the above points in mind I have no doubt in my mind that you should be able to keep beautifully manicured lawns with ease. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about the above points. If you’re not up for all of this landscape work, call us today to find out how easy it is to keep a synthetic lawn.