Fake Lawn Grass

artificial grassFake Lawn Grass

Are you still mowing your lawn? It’s time for you to get fake lawn grass. The difference will amaze you.
You’re going to be so pleased with your new fake lawn grass. It’s going to look better than your old lawn and will require a lot less maintenance. Welcome to the new age of grass.

Artificial Grass Is the Smart Choice

One thing is for sure: you’re going to love your new lawn. Here’s just a few reasons why:

  • Your weekends will be more fun, because you won’t be stuck mowing your lawn.
  • You’ll have fewer bills because you won’t have to run your sprinklers or buy any kind of lawn products.
  • Your back will ache less, because you won’t have to weed your lawn.
  • You’ll be doing nature a favor as you won’t need to waste water on your lawn or spray it down with toxic chemicals.

Having a lawn this great is a piece of a cake.

Durafield is the Company That Never Quits

Nobody comes close. This is why:

  • Your lawn is fully guaranteed for 12 years.
  • Only the absolute best fake lawn grass will be used for your lawn,
  • You’ll receive unparalleled customer service.
  • Appointments are always made to fit your schedule.

Your new lawn will be a pleasure from start to finish. Having fake lawn grass is the obvious choice.

Call us today for fake lawn grass.